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Brutally honest time:
I personally felt that the Maleficent movie was a HUGE let down. And it sucks cause that’s my favorite Disney villain.
The first part was great and all but around the ending, it was the biggest let down.
I guess I’m old fashioned, but I figured that they’d kinda keep to the original plot from the first Disney movie “Sleeping Beauty”.
I mean yeah, it’s the directors own take on it, I totally get that.
But meh.
I guess the fact that she didn’t turn into an awesome dragon with a badass fight scene with the prince made me upset lol

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I sure hope the Creatures don’t ever look at the comments in their videos because that’s some horrible shit right there. Man, if people are going to be dicks about how their videos are made/which creature is their favorite/who they want to leave/who they want back, they need to unsubscribe and fuck off. People just LOVE to complain about everything, don’t they?

I hope the creatures know that there are a LOT of us out there who love everything about that awesome YouTube channel and love every single one of those dorks. :3

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Ugh, I want to make some Skyrim mod review YouTube videos that actually show male mods more than the female ones. Too many douche bros too scared to show male parts because “ew, I’m not gay so look at these horribly large tits”.

I’m feeling pretty disgusted constantly looking at those horrendous female mods.

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Here’s the cover art (with and without text) of a HARD YAOI DOUJINSHI that I’m currently making called “Continue?”. It should be finished probably by next month but don’t hold your breath on that.
I know its been FOREVER since I’ve drawn Pewdie and Cry and I really missed drawing them. I need to get back into it again and I probably will start posting even more PewdieCry art~ <3

This wont be free, sorry! The estimated price would be around $20 or so~


Continue? Doujinshi created by me
Pewdiepie and Cryaotic belong to themselves, I’m just borrowing their personas for a while~
Bloody Trapland belongs to it’s respective owner(s)

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Here’s some sample pages of my upcoming adult booklet (or Doujinshi, whatever you wanna call it) Sunny Scales. It’s a Comedy/Hard Yaoi/Furry(Scaly) booklet that will be available for purchase on ebay or simply directly from me with paypal and will be out sometime by the end of the month. I will announce when it will be in stock.

The dragons within the booklet are my original characters, Verpavir and a new character called Longwei.

The price estimated will be around $20 each but it is not final.


Verpavir and Longwei (c) belongs to Ouka Love
Please do not copy or distribute them in any way, shape or form
Please do not post on any site without the artist’s permission

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It’s silly, you said I can speak to you when ever, but I’m too shy to. &gt;~&lt; I’m a total derp.

Don&#8217;t be shy~ o3o


It’s silly, you said I can speak to you when ever, but I’m too shy to. >~< I’m a total derp.

Don’t be shy~ o3o

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