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Aw man, today was going so well and then I just discovered one of my dogs was killed last night…

This is a very sad day…

R.I.P Coco… I love you very much…


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#Im gonna go cry for a while 

Oh man, you know someone has got a special place in your heart when they make you laugh before you even hear them talk.

I’m talking about Let’s Players of course.

I literally just laughed SO fucking hard at something I watched forever ago and had to rewatch it, oooh I missed watching Psychadelicsnake so much~ <3 Love that guy so much~

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#seriously tho he's awesome  #first Lets Player I ever watched  #Psychadelicsnake 

How many of you guys like the Elder Scrolls series or just simply Skyrim?

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#Because I have some cool plans and would like to know  #just for the sake of knowing 

You ever have those moments of just… realization? I don’t know exactly how to explain it, it’s just a great feeling where you feel so alive. Like, wow, I’m a physical living thing and it almost feels kinda spiritual.

Like for a split moment there is nothing but pure happiness and you’re just so self aware you almost feel like you woke from a dream and nothing could possibly ruin the moment, like all the bad of the world has left and only the good stayed. Then suddenly you go back to normal and do your usual routine and you almost forget that sudden moment of great feeling.

I don’t know. That just happened to me while I was watching Hetalia YouTube videos, it could just be me being weird lol

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Uuuughhhh I’m sick today….. *sniff sniff*…. feels like a cold :(

Maybe this is a good chance to draw something tho~

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